Tuesday, 29 September 2009

15. :: "Wake up"

Andrew wakes up and looks at the ceiling then out of the window. It is 3.35AM according to the digital clock which sits at his bedside. Digital clocks work well for Andrew. He enjoys waking up in the night and knowing, at least for an instant, how long he has until he should wake up. Having that knowledge in his head is of comfort to Andrew.

The glowing of the digital clock is the same colour as the lights from Andrew's laptop computer. Andrew reads and rereads an email. Drinks from a glass of water. Tries to fall back asleep.

Andrew starts to make plans for his morning. Wake up. Pull the covers of the bed over his face and shout something obscene. Get out of bed and rub his eyes until they are more blurry than when he started rubbing. Have some fruit juice or an instant coffee. Take a shower maybe. Dress. Same jeans, different shirt. Emails. Eventually leave the house with no plans.

Thinking about these things is tiring and Andrew drifts away into the same sleep as before.

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