Friday, 13 March 2009

5. :: "I am willing to change to impress"

1. Will anyone ever love me?
Probably. Hopefully.

2. Why should anyone love me?
I am a pretty nice guy. I have never really done anything 'bad'. I am generous and funny. I am not hideously ugly, so it shouldn't be uncomfortable to look at me. I like good things, things which are interesting. I am 'creative' and can provide stimulating conversation. I am willing to change to impress them.

3. Why doesn't anyone love me right now?
I don't go out really. I am always miserable when I do and then walk home on my own with earphones in. Sometimes I can come across as 'mean'. I like to tell people everything that is happening in my life, regardless of how important or unimportant. I am overweight. I have a weird interest in independent pro wrestling, though no one really knows about this. I have tastes in music and movies which are not conducive to casual social conversation. I am afraid. I am afraid of talking honestly and sincerely to. I am always angry when I talk about my job. I am unhappy and unwilling to do anything about it. I am lazy. I move a lot in my sleep. I drink too much. I do not drink enough. I think other people 'just don't understand me' and use that as a reason to avoid them. I judge people. I am unwilling to let them love me.

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