Friday, 27 March 2009

10. :: "I was thinking maybe"

Girl: Hello?

Andrew: Hi.

Girl: Hi. Sorry, who is this?

Andrew: Oh, yeah, sorry. It is, erm, my name is Andrew? You know. You sent me your number I though I would give you a call. How are you?

Girl: Erm, I am ok I guess. Yeah. What's up Andrew? How are you doing?

Andrew: I am good. I figure if I can wake up in the morning and get out of bed and that takes less than 2 hours then that is a pretty good day. Ha.

Girl: Ok.

Andrew: Ha. You know what I mean, like, sometimes I will stay in bed all day and not do anything except get up to use the toilet or make a sandwich or something. Everything is pretty much within arms reach of my bed anyway. I mean, it's not like I am asleep all day, I will sit up in bed or sit on the edge of the bed so I can use my computer. I just cannot see the point some days.

Girl: Look, Andrew I am really pretty busy. Is there something you wanted?

Andrew: Oh. Oh yeah. Yes. Erm. I was thinking maybe, if you are not planning anything for friday night, we could go out. Get something to eat? Try again. Ha ha. Or something else. Or some other night? Anything really. Whatever you want. When is best for you? I am pretty much free whenever. I never have any plans.

His eyes open. Andrew thanks himself a dozen times for not making that call just yet. Andrew is not ready. Andrew thinks to himself that he might never be ready. How will he know?

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