Saturday, 21 March 2009

8. :: "frisbee in the dark"

Jennifer sits quietly at her desk. Her job mainly involves spreadsheets and putting different kinds of data into those spreadsheets and then emailing those spreadsheets to someone else, after which she is not sure what happens to them.

Today is monday and Jennifer can hear other people in the office talking about what happened with their weekend. Some guy in short sleeves says something about getting drunk and playing frisbee in the dark. Some women start talking about some television show where famous people dance and then elderly people decide who was their favourite dancer and call up and vote. The two guys argue over football and end up laughing together rather than angrily attacking each other with the things people use to remove staples from paper.

Sometimes Jennifer would gladly attack everyone in the office with the thing people use to remove staples from paper.

Jennifer smiles back at a woman who just smiled at her and drinks from a cup of coffee. What did you do this weekend Jen? says the woman in a tone which shows nothing other than a lack of interest in the answer to her own question.

Oh, nothing much. Nothing fun.

Come on you must have done something.

Ok, I went to the park on saturday and read a book about a man who is obsessed and in love with a married woman. I had plans on friday night but changed my mind at the last minute and stayed in instead where I lay in the bathtub until 2AM and then cried a bit and went to sleep. On sunday I wrote a song about how much I am looking forward to work on monday and all the dumb and boring questions I get asked every week.

The woman takes a pastry from a box that has been circulating the office. Her lips are sticky and her fat tongue grabs crumbs from the corners of her mouth. I didn't know you played music, do you play in bands?

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