Thursday, 14 May 2009

14. :: "sorry"

Hey Andrew

How are you? First thing, I am real sorry about friday, I know it is lame and I am sorry for letting you down and not letting you know that I was doing it. I was looking forward to meeting. Seems like we should have met already. Ha.

I had a thing. My dad went to hospital, and I didn't go to the hospital and turned out that it was nothing serious, but my mother was on the phone to me all night. She likes to rush my dad to the hospital for every little thing. He gets headaches now and again, and this does not shock me. All he ever does is drink Coke and drive around in his Morris Minor. And he eats oranges, like ten oranges in an afternoon. It is weird. But, yeah, he gets these headaches and there is nothing to it, and I keep telling my mum this, but she insists he go to the hospital to get it checked out.

So, sorry for that.

We should try again?

You could meet me for lunch one day this week. Thursday? Meet me outside work and we can go to the Polish Cafe on the corner. It's good there. One o'clock.

Let me know.


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